Network to increase your Net Worth

Networking is one of the most powerful ways to develop profitable business relationships and increase the flow of prospects to your business. Business growth depends on continual marketing, so get out there and talk to people! How to Network for Results 1. The power of a NAME: Make sure your name and contact information are on cards and brochures you can give to those you meet. If you wear a name tag, position it high on your chest and near your left shoulder. If it’s on a string or lanyard, adjust it to hang over your breastbone rather than close to your waist. There is nothing worse at a conference than sitting down to lunch with people whose name tags are now in their laps. People want to learn your name, and use it when they talk to you. Instead of forcing them to squint, bend, or stare at your navel to figure out your name, make it easy by placing your name close to your left shoulder. Also, take the initiative to mention your name clearly and audibly. Similarly, it’s important to correctly catch the other person’s name. If you cannot hear or understand it, ask for one repetition….

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