System or Infrastructure?

Do you have systems in place in your business, or only an infrastructure? To permit a business to grow, it needs more than just a framework. Manageable, repeatable systems, which can operate independently of the business owner, are necessary before a business can reach its potential. While infrastructure is important, and is often a first step in establishing a strong business model, you will need a working operation that goes beyond who sits where and who’s responsible for what. Infrastructure, or company organization and plans, is animated by systems that embody policies, procedures, methodologies, and expected outcomes. A system is dynamic, subject to change as efficiencies are discovered. It is portable, and does not rely upon the charisma or skill of the business owner, a shop foreman, or a key staff member. Infrastructure: sales dept, marketing dept, customer support dept, etc. System: marketing generates leads which sales turns into customers, who are serviced by customer support.

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