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Certified Professional Technical Communicator

Beth Agnew, CPTC™
Managing Consultant
Metaphysical Business Expert, Educator
Certified Professional Technical Communicator


Beth is a popular workshop leader, educator, and business coach, helping individuals and small to medium enterprises achieve their goals.

An entrepreneur herself, Beth takes a practical approach to solving any problem, and prefers solutions that do NOT require spending money. Her mantra: Stop putting time, energy and money into strategies that don’t work! Beth has practical strategies to focus efforts in the right direction to save money and increase success potential.

As a metaphysically-based coach and consultant, Beth helps companies achieve outstanding results — changing businesses and changing lives. This contributes to client satisfaction, as well as the economy and the community. Her insights into human behavior, leadership, and communication help others overcome obstacles that have been holding them back.

With significant leadership and teaching experience gained through more than 35 years of increasingly effective marketing, communication, and business development activities, Beth brings her natural affinity for working with diverse people to helping them improve. Beth is an inspired, creative individual and a strong team player. She is a trained corporate coach, and has helped groups and individuals achieve their objectives.

A well-loved educator whose classes are always oversubscribed, Beth has taught technical communication, writing, web-based training, documentation development, organizational communication, and social media. In 2010 she was nominated in the TVO Best Lecturer competition for her informative and entertaining teaching style. best-lecturer-graphic2


  • Coached executives, business owners, individuals and teams to achieve greater success and improve their bottom line; founded Canadian coaching organization.
  • Spoke at seminars, conferences and corporate meetings on technical communication, computer-based training, and other high-tech topics. Represented companies at trade shows, public events and industry conferences.
  • Organized departments, established procedures, and maintained operations in a high-tech, entrepreneurial environment.
  • Managed production teams, contractors and processes to create interactive multimedia products, e-commerce B2B & B2C websites, communications materials, and e-business technical documentation sets.
  • Taught technical communication, English and Liberal Studies subjects to college-level and post-graduate students; designed and developed curricula, incorporated pedagogical principles for teaching adult students, served on academic committees, and provided professional development opportunities for staff and faculty.
  • Wrote compelling strategic plans, articles, newsletters, brochures, direct mail letters, user guides, manuals, specifications, design documents, scripts, proposals, annual reports, business plans and promotional material.


Beth spent 10 years in Telecommunications with the Canadian Armed Forces where she acquired technical knowledge, training techniques, and leadership skills while serving in Europe and the Middle East.

Subsequently, she started her own communications consulting business and maintained that freelance practice throughout other employment and contract positions.

A serial entrepreneur, Beth has also started and successfully run other small businesses, including Oldham’s Country Fair which sold country-style products at retail, Allotech Imagineering, a multimedia production company, and Kepler Electronic Publishing which developed interactive CD-ROMs.

Beth has worked for a number of high tech companies including Xenos Group, Insystems Technologies Ltd, and Ultrasoft Engineering. She developed instructional design software at Softwords Research International, and at Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation she was story editor for their suite of interactive stories and games for children.

Her e-learning company, CAL Technologies Ltd., developed interactive training products that revolutionized how corporations and government departments delivered long-distance learning to employees, reducing costs and increasing both retention and satisfaction rates.

Beth is adept at quickly acquiring technical knowledge. She has consulted on usability and interface design as well as quality assurance processes. In working with numerous high tech companies, as a technical writer and a manager of development, Beth managed processes, developed best practices, and delivered on deadline and on budget. Her strong communication skills ensure understanding of client requirements and excellence in client liaison. She has a solid track record of meeting and exceeding client expectations, in both turnaround and quality of deliverables.

In her communications and marketing practice, her clients have ranged from NASA, Hughes Aircraft, Spar Aerospace, and the Department of National Defence to scientific and academic institutions, high tech and manufacturing companies, federal and provincial government departments, corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

As a media and communications educator, Beth has Chaired the School of Media at Seneca College, and helped develop programs and strategies for screen-based industries.


  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Institutional
  • Bioscience, Geoscience
  • Non-Profit
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Professional Practices
  • Media

Personal Strengths

  • Marketing systems
  • Website content and optimization
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Procedural writing / how-to
  • Technical documentation
  • Product development
  • User interface design
  • Media releases
  • Corporate/B2B/B2C
  • Direct mail
  • Effective messaging
  • Feature writing
  • Media production

Subject Areas

  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Screen-based Industries
  • Business growth and entrepreneurship
  • HMA Marketing System
  • C++, Java, UML, XML, HTML, SGML
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Relational Databases: SQL7, Oracle, Sybase, FoxPro
  • Telecommunications, quantum mechanics and astrophysics
  • Microbiology, anthropology, and oceanography
  • Geophysics, paleobotany, seismology, vulcanology

Education and Training

  • B.F.A. (Creative Writing), University of Victoria
  • Master of Metaphysical Science, PhD in progress
  • Masters Level Studies in Technical Communication – Utah State University
  • HMA Marketing System Consultant
  • Capability Maturity Model – Software Engineering Institute
  • Project Management – Canadian Management Centre
  • Practical Product Marketing; Working with Development – Pragmatic Marketing
  • Leadership Development: Working with Others – Niagara Institute of Management


  • Associate Fellow, Society for Technical Communication
  • Values Award for Commitment, Integrity and Partnership – InSystems Technologies Inc.
  • British Columbia -Yukon Community Newspapers Association – Creative Writing Award
  • Top Student, Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronic Engineering

Past Client Projects

  • InQuent Technologies Inc.

o Web site re-design and content
o Capabilities brochure and sell sheets

  • Energy Advantage Inc.

o Web site re-design and content

  • General Motors Inc.

o Launch of the All-New Sierra & All-New Arcadia
o Online voice over copy
o Web content

  • KIA Motors Ltd.

o Direct Mail and Website Copy
o Customer Appreciation Event

  • NASA

o Technical documentation
o Assisted Mission Planning System (AMPS) design review

  • Indutiae

o Multimedia Website production
o Content copy, concepts & supporting materials
o Brochures

  • KitchenAid

o Brochure content

  • Pitney Bowes Business Insights

o Brochure and website content
o Sales presentations

  • Mattel / Fisher-Price

o Loving Your Baby magazine copyediting / writing

  • Moneo Consulting, Japan

o Capabilities Brochure


o Brochures
o Consultant Profiles
o Website content

  • Identita

o Product documentation
o Interface consulting


• annual reports
• API documentation & SDKs
• application notes and readme files
• articles
• audio and video
• brochures
• business plans
• communication plans
• design documents
• direct mail letters
• handbooks
• instructional design
• interactive CD-ROMS
• internal communications
• marketing copy
• marketing plans
• multimedia
• newsletters
• online help
• policy manuals
• press releases
• promotional material
• proposals
• scripts
• specifications
• strategic plans
• user guides
• web site content
• web-based training

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