December 12, 2012

How I Work

Our first conversation is a short one, setting the scene for the business problem you’re facing. I want to hear about how your business is doing currently. Then I like to have a 1-hour consultation — free and without any obligation to you — that is an opportunity analysis: what is working well, where do you want the business to improve to achieve growth, and where can we find the hidden assets that already exist in your business to get you that growth?

During the course of the opportunity analysis I always discover a number of ways that you can achieve exponential growth with just a few no-cost or low-cost tactics. The idea here is to achieve growth without spending more money on advertising or other expensive improvements. This is my opportunity to show you the money that you may be leaving on the table in your business, and it’s an opportunity for us both to determine how we might work together to grow your business.

I guarantee results. When we agree on certain growth strategies, your business meets those targets or I keep working with you – at no further charge — until it does. I use a marketing system that:

  • Increases Sales
  • Speeds up and Increases Cash Flow
  • Increases Profit Margins
  • Increases working capital (without borrowing)

It provides 25%-100% or more in as little as 60-90 days WITHOUT requiring you to spend money on traditional advertising. This step by step, project basis system is EASY to implement (I do the work, saving you time!), and guaranteed to get results. In nearly every case, we quickly generate enough money from your business to cover my one-time project fees, and give you ongoing improved  cash flow.

For a no-risk consultation, contact me and let’s see how we can find the hidden profits in your business.


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